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What is a Facilitator

In our business we see hundreds of experienced entrepreneurial leaders asking questions like:  

  • How can I become more Strategic to my Clients?
  • How do I turn one-time engagements into ongoing contracts?
  • How do I add more high value services?
  • How do I maintain my independence?

We have developed an intensive training program for those leaders with teaching, facilitation and coaching skills to learn the STORM Methodology. Once they become Certified STORM Facilitators they are able to help existing clients and use their expanded skill set to obtain new ones. A STORM Facilitator guides the client sales team through the STORM Methodology and strengthens time and territory management by utilizing STORM Plans. After attending the program and through our ongoing support, STORM Facilitators are able to:

  • Teach The STORM Methodology.
  • Facilitate STORM calls to pull all the right answers out of the leaders and to make sure each tool is customized to the specific organization
  • Coach other leaders to understand and master the tools and the system, holding their teams accountable to do what they say they will do.  Leaders can’t see themselves playing the game – the coach can and will suggest adjustments to bring the best out in each sales team.

The STORM Facilitator has an advantage as a professional coming from outside the organization, bringing a greater degree of objectivity and perspective.  This professional may also bring a rich background of real-world business experiences that can be very valuable to the client team.  

Becoming an STORM Facilitator isn’t difficult. There’s no franchise to buy into. We’ll provide all the training, mentoring and support you need to be successful.

We’re here to help.  

Our Philosophy

STORM Method TM is a well vetted disciplined approach to sales management and selling in a proactive way. With it, you can leave the days of reactive management and selling behind to gain control of your organization’s success.

Contact Info

Phone: 609-240-1847
Address: 113 E The Orchard, Cranbury, NJ 08512

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