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STORM Method™  Results = Drives Sales Accountability

Most Companies have a problem measuring the performance of their sales staff because each salesperson is different and they work in varied methods. Effective results from measuring the performance of each salesperson should have a purpose, to help them be more profitable to your company that where the STORM Method™ comes in.


STORM Method™ = Sales Performance Management.

Sales Performance Management (SPM) takes the guesswork out of driving greater performance for your business – across every department and for every employee. With SPM overall business goals stay in alignment with sales programs insuring success.

STORM Method™ Proactive = Having & Working a Plan

The STORM plan is short, simple and to the point. In a nutshell it’s a strategic and tactical plan for acquiring new business. It helps you grow your existing book of business and also provides a method to exceed your sales quota within your sales territory. Regardless of how knowledgeable you are having a plan will enable you to make better use of your time and resources and produce better results for you. To generate a plan you need to understand how you are currently spend your time, focus on high leverage customers and prospects.  Collaborate with management and others to understand how you are going to advance your opportunities and what is needed to win.

You will learn how STORM Plans™ become a powerful part of your arsenal

STORM Method™ = Learn to Harnessing the Power of Time

The term time management is a contradiction. Time itself cannot be managed, it can only be utilized. But what you can manage is YOU. So rather than become skilled at time management (which is impossible), you are going to become a master of self management.

Do you Use Time or Spend Time? If we really believe that “time is money,” then how come we waste so much of it? It doesn’t make sense. It’s a precious commodity, but it’s also unique in the sense that every person gets the exact same amount every day.

STORM Method™ Power of The Top 5 Opportunities

The most difficult things we have to deal with as sales professionals are being able to focus our limited time and resources on the right accounts, opportunities and people. Your team will learn how to  build a plan that helps them focus, plan, create strategy and have better conversations with their sales managers and overall team. Take five opportunities from your updated sales pipeline that you think you have the greatest chance to advance; if you are unable to advance the opportunity, you can always drop it or put it back in your sales pipeline for some other time.

From core principles to proven results, only when our minds are clear and our thoughts are organized can we achieve effective productivity.

STORM Method™ = Exercising the Sale pipeline the Right Way

Sales is changing, are you and your team changing with it? Is your team so busy scrambling to try and bring on new business for the current quarter that they forget to keep the pipeline fill for the next quarter?

If you don’t insure the funnel is full with new business, you are likely to go from feast to famine.

Through STORM Planning™ your Sales Pipeline will drive your weekly planning; you set targets based on your goals and metrics in the Sales Pipeline. You monitor your success by looking at how you measure up against your targets.

We deliver a  sales methodology that works with your existing sales pipeline process or learn our flagship process Selling with the



Our Philosophy

STORM Method TM is a well vetted disciplined approach to sales management and selling in a proactive way. With it, you can leave the days of reactive management and selling behind to gain control of your organization’s success.

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